Mia Bruno combines an intricate knowledge of film distribution with a unique skill for innovative and effective marketing strategies. Mia works with filmmakers as a distribution consultant and impact producer, marrying a nuanced knowledge of the marketplace with creative and targeted campaigns designed to connect with audiences meaningfully. In a time when the distribution landscape is rapidly evolving; Mia provides transparency, education, and analysis on what is working so that filmmakers are equipped to make the best decisions for their films.



Featured Writing and Speaking Engagements

"A Recipe for Distribution: Five Ingredients For Your Indie's Release Strategy"- MovieMaker

SXSW 2018--Distribution Mentor- March 13, 2018 at 12:30 PM- Austin, TX

"Are You Ready To Get in Bed with a Distributor?"- Indiewire

"Crowdfunding from a Distributor's Perspective"- Indiewire

"Now What?" -MusicBed